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Our work with school networks

We have worked on strategic expansion, professional development for teachers, training and mentoring leadership in their growth and innovations processes.

Case Study

Large school network in Spanish speaking country


The existence and usability of so many diverse technologies requires knowledge and vision to make it compatible with digital literacy, without forgetting the security control and surveillance of the whole environment.


A governmental training center for teachers required EDT-Patners to provide teachers with Mobile Learning methodologies &  learning processes. The task included creating a correct technological coexistence that liberates teachers from the temptation of technology consumption.


More than 200 teachers were successfully trained. They acquired competences in pedagogical methodologies, their advantages, the norms and the conditions of use. The teachers got skilled with the most up-to-date market applications, so to recognise the dangers they may face by hands-on practical cases. This experience must allow them to make better-informed decisions in their own educational centres.

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