The relevance of online learning in times of uncertainty and confusion

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

In recent days, we have learnt of companies and public institutions (such as the European Parliament) asking their employees to work from home and use video conferencing for regular business communications.

This is undoubtedly a familiar landscape in the business world. The EDT Partners team, for example, is based in four continents. We are all frequent travelers and subject to changing time zones. Consequently, we are used to holding our meetings remotely, supported by several project management, sales and communication tools.

With the recent outburst of COVID-19 in many countries around the world, otherwise, widespread business practices have become critical for the education industry.

Since the crisis forced the authorities in China to close schools and tertiary education centers, most online learning companies and universities have been providing students and the general public free access to their digital learning tools.

School closure is now being considered not only in Asia but also in Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, many schools around the world are ill-prepared to take quick action against this major crisis.

In this context, EDT Partners is already helping several leading institutions define and implement a strategy to serve hundreds of thousands of affected learners in areas such as literacy, numeracy, foreign language learning or assessment. As a consultancy firm in education, we can do little to help overcome the medical emergency in different countries. Yet we are proud to serve the learning community offering advice and suggesting solutions aimed at assisting learners to continue with their academic growth.

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