International Business Development as a Service.

Laser-focus on your specific growth needs.

International Business Development as a Service is one of the key frameworks we use at EDT Partners to help your organization grow internationally. The concept is rather simple, after a thorough analysis and thoughtful strategy definition, together, we identify the key business development actions that will have the most impact for your revenue and new client acquisition activities.

With iBDaaS we cover the existing gap in between traditional management consulting engagements and sales outsourcing firms. We apply our strategy and thought leadership and then make sure to hand-hold you as needed through execution and results.

Strategic consulting on business development is our core. However in order to achieve sustainable success, we recognize that your organization will face diverse challenges over time. The iBDAAS framework allows us to partner with you on tackling those evolving challenges and to make sure that you have an expert and on demand partner to cover specific expansion and growth gaps as needed.

Some examples of activities we complete within the iBDaaS framework:

  • Country/territory analysis and prioritization

  • Channel optimization, on boarding and recruitment

  • Sales processes and workflows enhancementsMarketing and events (hosting and attendance)AlliancesHeadhunting

  • PEO and Outsourcing

  • Tender management and complex deal supportT

  • ranslations and localisations

  • Hosting, privacy and security planning

On demand services are not a novelty in today´s economy. The software and technology industry have been at the forefront of the “as-a-service” offerings. “Software as a service” or SaaS, “Platform as a Service” or PaaS solutions are nowadays industry standards for most businesses. The flexibility and scalability benefits are obvious for most buyers. However, the “as-a-service” economy has not made a big entry yet into the professional services world. EDT Partners thinks differently about consulting and we want to bring to our customers the key benefits of an on-demand services framework.

iBDaaS is EDT Partners´response to the need of EdTech corporations of all sizes to be able to grow and scale globally, with controlled and effective cost structures, with agility and flexibility to adapt to international opportunities and with the ability to tap on demand into EDT´s partner network in more than 30 geographical regions as needed.

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